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If you guys are interested, the author of Warm Bodies is doing an AMA ("ask me anything", but in the literal sense, not the LJ community sense - basically you can ask him whatever you want, and he'll hopefully answer) on reddit.

(He's doing it even if you're not interested...)

Warm Bodies

It's been a while since this community was really active, but just wondered if anyone had seen the trailer for Warm Bodies and what you thought of it. The film version comes out, at least in the US, on February 1st. Anyone planning on seeing it when it comes out on the big screen?

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Things have been a bit quiet around here lately, so I'm wondering what suggestions you have for stirring things up a bit. What would make you more likely to participate?

Suggestions/ideas/brainstorming all appreciated!


Jun. 7th, 2012

This month we'll be reading:

Room by Emma Donoghue

Go buy, reserve, beg, borrow, or steal yourself a copy!
So, who is reading The Gargoyle? How far along are you? What are your current thoughts? Try to keep any spoilers out of it. I just want your opinion thus far.

I'm about 120 pages in. I like it. I'm finding it very, very interesting.


What have you been reading recently? Not the book we've assigned for this month, but anything else. Did you/are you enjoying it? Tell us about it!
This month's novel is going to be: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson!

So, head on out and pick it up at the library or the bookstore. Due date to have it finished by is May 28th.

The Night Circus review

So it's April 1st and I just finished this book. I didn't finish the March book in March. COME AT ME, BRO.

4/5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. I didn't find it as engrossing as I've heard many people do, and I felt kind of neutral about it until about a quarter of the way through, but the last hundred pages or so were very fraught with tension. I had one hand over my mouth for a good portion of the last quarter of the novel, the other clutching my e-reader.

I had some reservations about the plot and the setting, which is mostly because I've never been to the circus and carnies kind of freak me out. But Morgenstern's prose were lovely. Quite simple, but very expressive and descriptive. Clever, as well. I smiled quite a few times, and thought, "That's a great line," more than once. I highlighted several passages as I went along.

I liked Celia and Marco very much, and the same goes for Bailey and Poppet and Widget.[Spoiler (click to open)]The love story between Celia and Marco was very well-written and believable, despite the fact that Morgenstern doesn't get very in-depth with it. I loved their first kiss, in the ballroom, and I was happy to see that they actually did get to have sex, even if it was only once before they turned into... whatever they were at the end of the book.

At first, I didn't realize Bailey would be a big deal. I thought there would only be one section of writing with him in it, but I was wrong, and I'm glad for that. We got to see him grow up, and tell off his shitty sister, which I loved. He's a sweet boy and I'm glad he got to stay with the circus. I'm glad he got to own the circus. I'm glad he got to stay with Poppet and Widget.

I also totally didn't realize this until the end of the book, but the second person narrative sections were actually telling the story of one night that 'you' spend at the circus, with each section covering a few hours. How did I not realize this?
I definitely didn't look at this book as critically as I should have. I feel like I'm not smart enough to deal with this book. I even had a hard time dealing with the timeline, since it jumped around so much, even though it was clearly marked. OH GOD, NEW AND INTERESTING NARRATIVE STYLE, WHAT DO I DO?

[Spoiler (click to open)]PS, Celia's dad is a great big bag of dicks.

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This review was definitely cross-posted to my Goodreads account. Deal with it.


I finished the book yesterday night and noticed that there is what Wikipedia describes as an "interactive game" about/on the book at the book's website. Has anyone done that and can share their experiences? I'm curious if it's worth it. I'm wondering if it's kinda like what Pottermore was supposed to be like.

Thanks for any insights.

Mar. 24th, 2012

I think what impressed me most about The Night Circus was the writing style. At first I thought the language and sentence structures were really simple because it's a YA book (which it turns out it isn't, but I just assumed it was) but after a while I realized how impressive it is how much the author is able to convey in such simple prose. In every chapter, there were many passages/sentences which had so much more under the surface than they necessarily let on. It seemed like the author wanted to give the hint of an idea without saying too much, letting the reader make their own interpretations. I thought it was really well-done and impressive.

Does anyone else have thoughts about the writing?